Ansons Consulting Ltd provides support and advice to corporate, public and third sector clients wanting to cut the financial, environmental and social impacts of travel. John Pinkard is the face of Ansons Consulting, a company he founded in 2011. John draws on decades of international consultancy experience.


We design, deliver and evaluate strategies that influence the travel choices people make.
Ansons Consulting Ltd helps clients:

Cut the costs and duty of care risks associated with business travel.
Secure planning approvals and discharge planning conditions.
Achieve and maintain environmental credentials (e.g. ESOS / ISO 14001 / BREEAM).
Quantify, manage and reduce transport-related carbon emissions.
Improve site accessibility and manage footfall by commuters, customers and visitors.
Influence the travel behaviour of residents, employees and visitors.
Solve parking problems by reducing demand for scarce car-parking spaces.
Understand transport challenges and opportunities by conducting research.
Develop and deliver effective travel and transport strategies, policies and guidance.
Improve health outcomes through support for active travel.
Engage and consult effectively
with stakeholders.
Run effective meetings by providing expert facilitation.


Ansons Consulting Ltd provides a range of transport consultancy services to corporate, public and third sector clients wishing to reduce the impacts of travel and transport.

Influencing Travel Behaviour

We deliver projects that influence travel behaviour and support positive outcomes like cost savings, improved environmental performance, planning consents, improved health, revitalised town centres and reduced congestion.


We offer decades of experience in designing, managing and delivering  research projects that generate valuable insights into travel choices, impacts, options and patterns and inform strategic and operational plans.

Business Travel Audits

Our experience enables us to identify improvements to fleet and business travel policies and operations that can generate tangible financial savings and a reduction in work-related carbon emissions.

Strategies, Policies & Guidance

The Ansons Consulting team has a strong track record of developing robust and effective strategies, policies and guidance that support our clients’ sustainable travel policies, programmes and projects.

Energy & Carbon Management

At Ansons Consulting we are recognised for our ability to quantify travel-related energy consumption and carbon emissions and identify effective management strategies and operational practices to reduce them.

Engagement & Facilitation

Ansons Consulting offers its clients extensive experience of designing and delivering stakeholder engagement activities, ranging from events, campaigns and facilitated meetings to interviews, surveys, workshops and focus groups.


Ansons Consulting Ltd provides independent, expert advice to a wide variety of clients, including large and small businesses, property developers, business park and industrial estate managers, town centre managers, local, regional and national governments, universities and colleges, health facilities, schools, charities, event managers, voluntary organisations and community groups.
Director John Pinkard has worked with and managed commissions for many clients, including those listed below.


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