Business travel audits – car-club feasibility study

Business travel audits – car-club feasibility study

In 2015 Carplus commissioned Ansons Consulting to conduct a study to help determine whether there was scope for a car club to operate successfully in one or a number of communities in Fife, Scotland. A core aim of the study was to carry out applied research to quantify the potential for Fife Council to save money, reduce emissions and / or cut duty of care risks by substituting grey fleet and pool vehicle mileage with use of car club vehicles.

Amongst other things, our work involved in-depth analysis of business travel data, policies and procedures.

Our findings suggested Fife Council could benefit from substituting some or all grey fleet mileage with travel in car club vehicles. For this and other reasons, the feasibility study concluded that setting up and operating a car club in specific locations in Fife could help to satisfy latent demand for car club vehicles from a range of public and private-sector organisations as well as local residents. Doing so would contribute towards improved mobility, better air quality, greater uptake of low emission and ultra-low emission vehicles and greater efficiency, as well as generating significant cost and carbon savings for the Council.

Carplus is a not-for-profit, environmental transport NGO that promotes accessible and low-carbon alternatives to traditional car use in the UK. This feasibility study was funded through the Transport Scotland funded Developing Car Clubs in Scotland (DCCS) programmed, managed by Carplus.

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